LEAPS Procedures and Financial Information

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Procedures for Purchasing Materials for LEAPS

Please plan classroom and other LEAPS activities with ample advance time to allow order and delivery of any needed materials. When necessary, you may purchase items directly from local stores, but be aware that the reimbursement process is slow and that anything more unusual than Saran wrap may be hard to find.

LEAPS has a $1600 budget per year for materials and supplies at each school. A record of spending at all locations is kept centrally by Trevor, so please ensure that you advise of any spending, no matter how small (e.g. Physics store purchases - please ask for a total for accouting purposes).

Most items you need will be available from Frey Scientific.

To search the online catalog or to place an order, enter LEAPS as username and password in the prompt boxes that show up (from JuneBox.com Marketplace). You will get access to the Frey Scientific catalog (and a bunch of others). If Frey Scientific doesn’t have what you need, search the Web.

Instructions for placing orders from the LEAPS account using a low-value purchase order:
Daniel Daniels at CNSI handles the types of orders you need to place.

  1. E-mail Eva at puchase@cnsi.ucsb.edu with a completed Low Value PO form. This form is available in 'Excel' format by clicking here. The account to identify is LEAPS.
  2. Daniel will send you a purchase order number (“PO” number) to use when placing your order.
  3. You are responsible for placing the order with the vendor. If your package is shipped to CNSI, Daniel will notify you when it arrives.
  4. Be sure to complete the Shipping details and enter your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and the shipping address if different from CNSI.
  5. When you place the order, be sure to find out when the item will be delivered! If the item is in stock, delivery is usually a matter of days, but if it’s out of stock delivery can take weeks – i.e., you’ll have to try another source.
  6. IMPORTANT: When you receive your shipment, sign, date and return the packing slip to Daniel in person, by campus mail or by regular mail. If there is any problem with your order (incomplete, damaged, wrong item ordered), write this on the packing slip.
  7. Be sure to advise Wendy of the total spend, items purchased and for which location.

If you find that you cannot use a purchase order, then you must complete a reimbursement request form, detailing your purchases and explaining the justification for expenditure and why purchase order was not used. This form is available in PDF format here and can be completed in Acrobat. This form must be signed by you, so please do not submit via email.

If you have questions, contact Daniel or Samantha or Wendy

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Procedures for Claiming Out-of-Town Travel Reimbursement

Instructions for claiming out-of-town travel reimbursement from the LEAPS account:
Samantha Freeman deals with all travel claims.

  1. Complete a travel reimbursement worksheet once all travel is completed. This form is available in PDF format by clicking here. The account to identify is CNSI/NSF/LEAPS: 447800-21139.
  2. The worksheet must be signed by the traveller and by either Beth Gwinn or Fiona Goodchild.
  3. For private mileage, please ensure that your vehicle's license plate number is entered where required and that you check the box confirming insurance.
  4. Forward the worksheet and all original receipts to Samantha for processing.

If you have questions, contact Samantha

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Procedures for Obtaining Services for LEAPS

All services, agreements, etc. with third parties must be pre-approved by the University. Examples include hiring a bus or vehicle for a school field trip, or hiring a venue for a special event.

Please plan any activities or events well in advance in order to allow plenty of time to comply with UCSB Business Services requirements. The following protocol must be complied with:

  • Obtain a contract from the vendor you intend to use and forward this to Eva DeLoa. The contract will then be reviewed by the CNSI Business Officer (Holly Woo)
  • The contract is then submitted to Business Services for their review. If there are any issues, Holly will contact the vendor and resolve them.
  • After the contract is approved, it is signed by Holly and submitted Business Services for their signature.
  • After the signed contract is received from Business Services (together with an agreement number), the vendor's signature is obtained. The agreement number that Business Services issues is essential to pay invoices.

You can see that this process is long and involved, which is why items requiring a Business Services contract should be planned way in advance.

If you have questions, contact Eva or Samantha

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