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UCSB Curriculum Library


Interesting Science web sites:
Bose-Einstein Condensation in a gas: a new form of matter at the coldest temperatures in the universe... Physics2000 Educational Initiative
The Exploratorium
Ithaca’s Science Center
The Franklin Institute
DC’s Physics Page
National Academy of Engineering
Amusement Park Physics
Teacher Resources from PBS
How Stuff Works
Physics Applets

Websites that have Lesson Plans:
A JPL site where they have activites organized by grade and standards.
Nasa website with lessons and articles
California Education Curriculum
Education Planet
The Inquiry Page-The Inquiry Page is more than a website. It's a dynamic virtual community where inquiry-based education can be discussed, resources and experiences shared, and innovative approaches explored in a collaborative environment.
The Institute for connecting Science Research to the classroom
Ask ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
Computer Technology in Sciences-UC Irvine
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Middle School Physics Lessons
More lesson plans.

Other GK-12 Programs with web sites:


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