LEAPS Fellows


Aubrey Cano

My name is Aubrey Cano. I am originally from Redondo Beach in Los Angeles and lived in San Francisco to earn my degree in microbiology. I now am working on my graduate degree in the marine sciences combining my love of the ocean and tiny organisms. In my spare time, I enjoy art projects with glass, ceramic or painting as well as cooking and trying to grow my own fruits and vegetables. Someday I hope to work in Hawaii and have snorkeling be a part of my day to day research.


Jimmy O'Dea

My name is Jimmy O'Dea and I grew up amongst the glitter and glitz of Las Vegas, Nevada, but traded neon signs and the desert for evergreens and the Cascade Mountains when I went to college at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. There I studied chemistry, which I liked so much I decided to pursue a graduate degree in it at UCSB. My research at UCSB is aimed at understanding and improving hydrogen fuel cells, which are devices that could solve the pollution and climate change problems associated with fossil fuels. Besides research and LEAPS, I love body surfing, running (especially on the beach at low tide), watching the UCSB soccer teams, and reading National Geographic.


Lina Kim

My name is Lina Kim and I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate student at UCSB studying turbulence and chaos in fluid dynamics. Before coming to UCSB, I received my BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Riverside and I've participated in several research internships. One of the things I enjoy doing the most is traveling to new places because I love discovering new cultures and making new friends all over the world. On my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends through gatherings such as dinners, parties, watching sports or participating in outdoor activities. I am also a roller coaster enthusiast, so much so that I've travelled to Ohio's Cedar Point park to ride on one of the tallest coasters in the world, Millennium Force, a "giga-coaster" termed for its extreme height.


Alice Nguyen

My name is Alice Nguyen and I am a PhD student in the Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology Department at UCSB. I was born in France but grew up in San Jose, California. Before coming to UCSB, I received my Bachelors degree from UC Berkeley in Molecular Environmental Biology. Currently I am interested in molecular ecology, evolution, zoology, and most things creepy crawly. My research focuses on host-parasite interactions. In my spare time I love cooking for my friends, hiking, and salsa dancing.


Anne Wrigley

Before coming to California to pursue a doctorate in science education, I had yet to spend an extended period of time outside of New England. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. Inspired by my high school physics teacher, I studied physics and mathematics at Bates College in Maine. I even went on to graduate school in physics; however, I grew more fascinated by how we teach and learn science in schools when I was supposed to be studying quantum mechanics. Although I do miss winter sports (winter sports that require snow, of course), I love that fact that I can run and hike outdoors year-round in Santa Barbara. I love to travel and - when I can't afford it - watch movies and read.









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